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drawn to success
Danotek Motion Technologies is drawn to smarter renewable solutions.

We are in constant pursuit of creating more efficient, reliable and affordable ways to convert and produce power, and have the technology, sourcing, service and manufacturing capability needed for success.

Danotek's main emphasis is on permanent magnet generators, power converters and complete drivetrain solu- tions. It continues to be rooted in the belief that designing a system around a customer's specific needs is more effective than cookie-cutter approaches that gloss over customer's requirements. We start with our proven generator platforms and customize to each client's specs, creating a unique product for each application.

brains, heart and soul
Danotek is a vibrant company filled with highly-educated, whip-smart thinkers who have proven track records of multi-industry experience from all corners of the globe. Our 50 employees have lived or worked in 13 different countries and have 84 educational degrees among them. All told, they have more than 100 patents and 180 publications - a true indicator of their exceptional capabilities.

Backed by that impressive pedigree and bolstered by cooperative synergy, our team looks at each project with an open mind - no stale tribal knowledge or pre-packaged solutions. New projects are met with collective excitement, an agile approach and an iron-will to reach success.

Our space is an incubator of ideas supported by a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Danotek differentiates itself from all other players by our unique team that reveals the true heart of the inventor. We are passionate about creating new ideas that solve problems.

Danotek's inquisitive and industrious team create extraordinary things in unusual ways. We enjoy having the ability to influence the future, with no bureaucracy or red tape to hinder the souls of entrepreneurial determination.

the power of partnerships
Success for all means understanding the bottom line. We reduce material costs by establishing partnerships with our suppliers and working with their team to develop smarter and more efficient designs. Danotek's unique approach to the supply chain is based on cross-company teamwork. We work together to create the best product at the right price, and... that translates into overall cost savings to our clients.

Our program managers and engineers work side-by-side throughout the project creating a robust collaboration of technical savvy and business acumen. This close internal approach allows greater communication and intimacy with our clients and fosters long-lasting partnerships with all our stakeholders.

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Danotek Motion Technologies understands what it takes to create smarter solutions. We know what draws people to us and what draws us to like-minded clients.

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